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Arthith Rukunakumar

Full Stack Designer, Founder

Who is behind Axobyte?

Hey there, thanks for dropping by. My name is Aathi and I’m the founder of Axobyte. I gained the skills to start an advertising agency from various places. Since I was little I was always fascinated by technology. This helped me stay curious and dig deeper. After finishing my apprenticeship as a salesman in the consumer electronics segment, I decided it was time to move on to my real passion, web & design. During my A-Levels, I worked for an advertising agency and right after that, I started university in Digital Business Management. Enough about me. We offer a wide range of services that could help your business. Let us know, how we can help!



Do you need a Website, E-Commerce or a new look for your current website? We can help you with that! With Axobyte you will find a tailor-made solution for all your web needs!



Starting a new company or is it time for a rebranding? Corporate Design is essential for every business. Brand building is our passion. Let us help you build yours with our know-how.



Marketing isn’t just posters & brochures. With the rise of the internet, it is crucial to stay top on your digital game. We can help you with online marketing, SEO and a lot more.



Do you need an app for your business or have an idea to become the next Airbnb? We can help you with the UI/UX by creating wireframes and live prototypes to convince your investors.

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So, What’s Axobyte?

axiom: /ˈaksɪəm/


1. A statement or proposition on which an abstractly defined structure is based

byte: /bʌɪt/


1. A byte considered as a unit of memory size.

axobyte: /ˈaksɒbʌɪt/


1. The advertising agency who wants to be the starting point (axiom) for startups and established companies to take their digital journey (byte) to the next frontier.

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