Balzner Korb is a Nonprofit organization from Balzers, Liechtenstein. They create gift baskets with products from the region.

The Idea

The Idea of Balzner Korb came along, as the founders realised there were barely any Balzers based products sold. Furthermore they realised assembling a gift basket in a hurry would be nearly impossible. That’s why they wanted to create a platform, which enables consumers to easily create a beautiful gift basket and for producers to sell their products.

web design:


The owners asked me to create an e-commerce website where their customers can select various products from the region, and towards the end select a basket of their choice. The owners requested a fast solution for them to add products, so I created their website on a CMS which the backend was modified to their preference. For the design of the Website I went with dark blue and bright yellow colors, which resembles the colors of their flag. Font-wise a curly display script font with the combination of a sans serif font made the site look aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. The main goal was to make it resemble a local and traditional feel of Balzers.



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