UI/UX & Branding for a fictional company called “CleanBack” for a project at my university


CleanBack was a fictional company founded by me and five other students at my University. We were asked to create a start-up company in our “strategies and business models in the digital environment” course. I was in charge of branding and UI/UX for this project.


What is CleanBack?

CleanBack is a Uber-like company which focuses on washing up and chores around the house. It’s a multisided platform, just like Airbnb or Uber. Students can sign up for the app as cleaners and other people can request cleaning services and “lean back”, hence the name “CLean Back”. A classmate came up with the concept for the start up and we refined the details during the semester. By the end of the year, we had worked out all the details to implement the idea in an app. So another class mate made the User Interface to which I created a Wireframe and Live Prototype.

wireframe & prototype:

The App

As mentioned CleanBack is a multisided platform, so we had to create a UI/UX for both sides. We wanted to allow all users to be able to “clean” and “lean back”, so we created both buttons on the front screen, right after signing in. The app allows people who want to lean back to pick a price for the service and choose the rating of the cleaners. The cleaners on the other side, can log in and pick the price they are willing to work for. At the confirmation screen, they have the option to send direct messages to the end customer.

Time to lean back.
Let’s clean & earn some money!

The Logo

For the logo design, I went with bright colors, which stand out very well. I used a vintage script typeface so it has this classical home product feeling. It’s a complex logo with a flat design style, but it explains what the company does on the first sight. There are some fine details to the emblem, like the “CB” on the dishwashing liquid bottle or small icons of cleaning supplies.



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