This was my submission for Freitag’s 2015 Design-A-Truck contest.


In 2015 Freitag announced an international contest to design a truck tarp. The best designs were picked by an expert commission through a public online voting. The winning design will be on the road for about five years, displayed on a 40-tonne truck belonging to Swiss transport company PLANZER, as it rumbles through the open-air museum of Europe’s highways.



For this project, I went with a low poly style using wild animals. To make this design colorful, I chose a snake & parrot. I was always fascinated by parrots and their beautiful colors. At first, I had difficulties mastering the low poly technic, however by the time I got to my second design, the process seemed to get much easier. I used high-quality images of the animals to trace the outlines and to use the colors as a reference for my work.


Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the contest. However, the experience was totally worth it and I gained so many new skills, which I didn’t expect before starting this project. All in all, it was a great opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and I look forward to the next contest which should be announced in 2020.



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