Branding, Webdesign and Social Media Marketing for the DJ duo Yin Yang Bangers.

Web Design

Yin Yang Bangers is a DJ duo from Switzerland, they produce various styles within the electronic music genre. One of the difficulties for creating their website was displaying their entire discography with links to download or stream their music.


Social Media

Building the fan base for Yin Yang Bangers is an ongoing slow and steady grind. To grow the audience on all their social media platforms, we posted relevant and interesting news related to the DJs and created promo material explicitly for their social media. We also set up an automated posting system, so the duo doesn’t have to worry about scheduling and posting same or similar pictures to all their different platforms. For their song releases, we created targeted paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase the reach.


Logo Design

The Yin Yang Bangers logo came together by experimenting with the typefaces and making slight adjustments to them. From the beginning, we wanted to find a way to include the Yin Yang symbol in the logo. We decided to go with a simple, but modern sans serif typeface, as it suits the electronic genre and their music.

graphic design:

Album Artwork

When the DJ duo was planning to release all their original music on Spotify we decided it was time for a unified look. So we created a custom made album artwork for every single track. The name of the track and artist is what stands out. To give it a unique look we used paint splatters in the background.



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