Zazou is a blogger from Switzerland who writes about various topics such as travel, personal thoughts, fashion, lifestyle and beauty. She came up with the idea to start a blog in the summer of 2017.


Creating a Blog


Zazou contacted me about the idea of developing a blog where she can share her personal thoughts. The main goal of the website was to create a platform, in this case, a simple blog page where her followers can read about her latest thoughts & tips. I went with light colors and rounded sans-serif fonts to keep it modern and elegant. The big slider images and thumbnails were a great way to showcase the beautiful images and to grab the attention of the readers. There are some social aspects to this site such as a comment section where her followers can leave their thoughts on a certain topic. But also a fast way to connect through social media, which is located in the footer area.



0041 44 586 31 17

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